Morgan Jensen and The RENO Team provide a wide range of services starting with offering advice to homeowners about their renovation and repair needs.
Morgan Jensen
Walking  You Through Your Renovation

1. Discover What You Need & Want

This is your first step and can sometimes be the longest one. It is where you first decide that you need to do something in your  home, whether it involves repairs, remodelling or even adding space. You may need design help, structural advice or even a full home inspection before you can nail down what can and should be done in your home.  You will ask friends and family for their ideas and opinions,  you'll discuss it with whoever lives in the house with you, and eventually you'll have a wish list and a kernel of a plan.

2. Find Out Costs & Then Budget

Once you have your wishlist done, and have hashed out all of the wants and must haves on the list, you'll need to figure out if you can pay for all of it.  Do you have some money set aside already for this? Will you have to borrow for the work, and can you borrow? What resources are available? Should the work be done in stages over several years? Is it going to cost more to divide up the work over time?  What needs to be done first and can't be taken off the list? This is a critical period in your planning and it is essential that you find a person, or persons,  who will walk you through this part, in an honest and knowledgeable way.

3. Get The Right People For The Job

If you're lucky and have found someone to provide both advice and cost estimates you may already have the person for the job. Some contractors can provide the whole package, but not always. If your contractor is any good at what he or she does, they will also tell you what their strengths and limitations are. Most licenced renovation companies large and small will have a group of trades and other specialists on hand to do the work as the project progresses. The larger companies will have full time staff in house, smaller ones will bring them in as needed. Both scenarios can and do work well. 

4. Do Your Homework & Be Involved

Knowledge is power and there is no maximum amount of information that a homeowner can accumulate. From beginning to end there is never a time when you shouldn't be investigating what is involved in your home renovation or repair work. Ask questions, look for outside opinions, keep current with what's happening. Trust is important though, so always work with your contractor in an open and honest way. The contractor should do the same.

5. Stay On Track With The Budget

Once a budget is set in place and contracts are signed, it is critical to stay on track. This is the time when many projects go off the rails, and there is always enough blame to spread around. Homeowners and contractors can both get in hot water when it comes to the costs, quotes,  contracts, and budgets in a home renovation. Everything should be in writing, a notebook or binder should be maintained, and written contracts should be signed and every person involved has to have a copy, signed by both parties. If you make changes they have to be agreed on and included in the written paper trail. If the contractor makes changes or tweaks something, that has to be relayed to you and included in the written paper trail as well. Everyone makes mistakes and so your relationship has to be an open and honest one from beginning to end.

6. Make Sure Things Are Done Right
      Before You Pay That Final Bill

Naturally everyone needs paymet for work done and contractors are no different, they have bills to pay, trades and workers,  suppliers and services, and themselves of course. If things have gone well throughout the project you will have been making regular payments to the contractor, either by a set weekly schedule, or by landmarks and deadlines. Once the end arrives there will always be a final payment due that will complete things for both of you. There are laws and guidelines that allow you to keep some money back until you're sure things are done right, and that everyone else has been paid. It is crucial that you include this in your original paperwork and that everyone invloved is aware of this provision, because, in the end, this can be a real problem if it's a sudden surprise. Any good contractor will understand and work with you on this part of your job.

  JBS Home Improvements can and will help with every step of this process

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